[Samba] Samba and VPN

Aleksandr Koltsoff aleksandr.koltsoff at eke.fi
Thu Aug 1 01:28:02 GMT 2002

ok. just a quick reply to this. I do appreciate the prompt replies to my
last mail, at least someone does seem interested in this stuff, so I will
continue. I'll report back on the deep secrets of the perverted minds of MS
here. I hope to continue with this tomorrow evening (EET). by that time I'll
have had time to gather more packet dumps.

iff I get somewhere, I'll also need some people with w2k servers since they
have also a WINS server. I suspect that some parameters in the DCE/RPC call
might be different in that case. I'm testing my setup with NT4 servers (as
PDCs) and a mix of win98/2k clients (not that that matters in this case).
the WINS server is a one in NT4SVR-SP6.

on a related note, does samba implement any DCE/RPC stuff? I didn't check
all of samba source manually, that's why I ask. The RPC I'm looking at is
done via the DCE/RPC portmapper. does samba listen to tcp 135?

> This way we can implement also this one and let you live happy with a
> samba wins server :).

this was my wish as well, already back in 2001 (check in the archives).
first thought that I was to blame, for misconfiguring things. but no :-).

anyways, thanks to all who deemed my mission worthy.


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