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Thu Aug 1 01:00:02 GMT 2002

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Corey Caverly wrote:

> I have currently compiled SAMBA with the LDAP option and I SAMBA is as 
> of now authenticating with the LDAP server but I am looking to do two things
> One...  I do not want SAMBA to look on the localhost to access the user 
> list.  In other words I want to set SAMBA up so that it uses the LDAP 
> database instead of the /etc/passwd database....

Add posixAccount information to the sambaAccounts you have in the tree. 
Configure your system to use LDAP for name resolution in nsswitch.conf.
If your unix distribution doesn't include support out of the box, get 
nss_ldap from

You can also find good howtos and other docs on the subject at

> Also I am looking for a way to set up the SAMBA PDC so that when a 
> machine account is created it puts that account in the LDAP database in 
> ou=machine instead of ou=people...... I am comfortable with running 
> SAMBA 3.0 CVS if that is what is needed....

This can be easily accomplished in the add user script. If the name to add 
ends with $ it's a machine account. Use ldapadd to add the account to the 
different branches accordingly.


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