Usablity of Samba 3.0

Matthew Geier matthew at
Mon Apr 29 17:50:05 GMT 2002

 We are having 'problems' with people using various Asian language file
names on their windows machines. While they can 'just' cope with the
idea to use English names on the server, these names end up in their
desktop profile of course, and then their system gets upset when it
tries to save the profile.
 It would seem Samba 3.0's Unicode support is the answer to my problems.
I once tried to get Samba-jp to work, but I could never get it to
behave, I installed Samba 3.0-alpha17 on a test server an their Asian
names all work fine. (I can't read them, but they 'look' the same). It
even worked with MacOSX's SMB client.

 I'm a bit wary however of installing the moving target of a 'alpha'
samba on a production server.
 The server is not the PDC, thats another Samba machine, It does however
serve printers to a small number of people - users with PCs in mac
dominated area's that have Apple printers that don't speak IP. It does
sound like printing is one of the faster moving targets :-)

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