PATCH: LDAP Passwod sync

Matt Pavlovich mpav at
Sun Apr 28 08:42:01 GMT 2002

This simple patch adds a "clear_pw" element to the SAM_ACCOUNT structure
used to store the clear password during a password update to change the
LDAP password via an Extended Operation.  This allows for a variation of
LDAP password fields and hash algorithms to be used in the directory by
other applictions.  

I tested with OpenLDAP 2.0.2x.  iPlanet's Directory Server supports
Exended Operation, but it is not tested.

This patch should be considered *Alpha* quality, as it lacks a
configuration option to enable/disable, and there are still some
unknowns regarding error handling and the like.

'ldap exop passwd sync' = true/false sound good for a config option?

Matt Pavlovich

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