Help w/ storing OS/2 Lanman hash in an NT DC SAM

William Marshall bmarsh at
Thu Apr 25 13:33:02 GMT 2002

We looking to move the data on our OS/2 servers to Linux/Samba. I'm looking
for a solution where we can (behind the scenes) migrate and keep in sync
accounts from our 6000 user OS/2 domain to our NT domain (the samba servers
will be in the NT domain).

I know how to pull the lanman hashes from the OS/2 server, but I need some
code to insert them into the SAM on the NT4 DC.

I've found pwdump.c from Jeremy Allison in 1997, that will get the lanman
hashes from the DC, but the "trivial act" to reinsert them is beyond my
rusty C skills. Does anyone know of a modification to pwdump that will do
what I'm after or any pitfalls in the plan?


Bill Marshall     bmarsh at
IBM Global Services SDC North
Rochester Server Support, PC Server Team
Dept. 77NA, Building 020-3, Rochester, MN

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