[Samba] WinNT offline file attribute

Damir Dezeljin programing at nib.si
Thu Apr 25 10:41:02 GMT 2002

> Does Windows NT/2000 do any tests when serving shelved files, or does it 
> just assume that the client will do the right thing?
It just aumes that the client will do all the "dirty" work :)

> The SMBD process must not make files with the offline attribute visible 
> to clients that do not support it.  This means that SMBD must find out 
> that information somehow.
No. This isn't correct. It is HSM product's thing to do triger 
read/open/write events and then it can put processes (threads) which 
access files to sleep - HSM product must implement a kernel module that 
has to triger open,... events. Client that doesn't know anythink about 
offline attributes just try to open files to get file icons.

This is the second problem, because WinNT LANMAN server has a pool of 
processes and every connection to a LANMAN server got its own thread. This 
behaviour has its benefits - you can block an individual connection to 
LANMAN server whilest the second instance of Windows explorer on the same 
client can stil browse the share (it got its own thread) - samba asign 1 
thread 1 client accessing a single share - this cause that if the thread 
is put to sleep, windows "hangs" until the thread is unsleeped (you can't 
start any other Windows explorer, nor you can't use a windows explorer 
which is already started) - workaraound is that you can close the three 
browsing window in Windows explorer and you can browse only the current 


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