User Manager for Domains / RAS callback problem

Guenther Deschner guenther.deschner at
Thu Apr 25 10:12:03 GMT 2002


at least with samba3-alpha15 it was possible to use usermgr and to change
almost any values without error-message. user specific attributes were
stored correctly with ldapsam-backend as long as group.mapping was
done properly.

unfortunately usermgr broke again with alpha17 (and current CVS), because
i could not clearly find the cause, but i suspect recent changes of
the NT-security-descriptor-code.

maybe you try an earlier samba3-tarball.


On Thu, Apr 25, 2002 at 12:15:51PM -0400, Alex Keahan wrote:
> I have a Samba (post-2.2.3) domain controller and a Win2K RAS server.   I want users to be able to log in to the Win2K box (RAS), get authenticated against the Samba PDC, and called back by the RAS server.
> Unfortunately, the only way to assign a callback number to a domain user is through the "User Manager for Domains", which was written for Windows NT.   I don't have any NT servers around, but I have copied the usrmgr files from another NT server, and it seems to run perfectly under Win2K.
> There are two problems however:
> 1) When I run the UMfD as a regular user, I cannot change any user properties and get an "access denied" error
> 2) When I run the UMfD as "root", I also cannot change any user properties, but this time it claims that "The group name could not be found."
> According to the UMfD, the only group that the user whose properties I am trying to change belongs to is "Users".
> Is there a solution to this?   Does samba support the dialin and callback properties?   If so, how can I set the callback number; otherwise, how can I help implementing it?   I am willing to reverse engineer the way NT does this, if need be.
> Thanks,
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