User Manager for Domains / RAS callback problem

Alex Keahan agkeahan at
Thu Apr 25 09:18:02 GMT 2002

I have a Samba (post-2.2.3) domain controller and a Win2K RAS server.   I want users to be able to log in to the Win2K box (RAS), get authenticated against the Samba PDC, and called back by the RAS server.

Unfortunately, the only way to assign a callback number to a domain user is through the "User Manager for Domains", which was written for Windows NT.   I don't have any NT servers around, but I have copied the usrmgr files from another NT server, and it seems to run perfectly under Win2K.

There are two problems however:

1) When I run the UMfD as a regular user, I cannot change any user properties and get an "access denied" error

2) When I run the UMfD as "root", I also cannot change any user properties, but this time it claims that "The group name could not be found."

According to the UMfD, the only group that the user whose properties I am trying to change belongs to is "Users".

Is there a solution to this?   Does samba support the dialin and callback properties?   If so, how can I set the callback number; otherwise, how can I help implementing it?   I am willing to reverse engineer the way NT does this, if need be.



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