[Samba] WinNT offline file attribute

Illtud Daniel illtud.daniel at llgc.org.uk
Thu Apr 25 06:59:01 GMT 2002

"John E. Malmberg" wrote:

> Does Windows NT/2000 do any tests when serving shelved files, or does it
> just assume that the client will do the right thing?

I have OTG's DX2000 HSM software running on NT. We can serve
HSM'd directories with the normal windows sharing to PCs
or SFM/MacServerIP for Mac clients. There are some issues
with the Macs tending to want to access the icon information
(thus fetching the files), but I'm fairly sure that the
mac file sharing services certainly aren't aware of any offline
> But to Repeat:
> The SMBD process must not make files with the offline attribute visible
> to clients that do not support it.  This means that SMBD must find out
> that information somehow.
> Until this issue is solved, it is not save to serve shelved files.

Really? I hope not! We've got ADIC engineers coming in on Monday
to install AMASS (HSM on Solaris) on a Solaris 8 box here, and
we've indicated to them that we'll be using samba and netatalk
to serve the shelved directory to PCs & Macs, and they haven't
objected. I'll call my ADIC tech contact and see if he can

Unitree HSM(now OTG's DX for Linux) seems to be happy with samba,
according to this:

 (search for 'samba')

Although that's not entirely clear. It does say "File are indirectly
available through Samba to PC clients from the core NFS servers."
but the bullet point says: "Direct access to HSM only available to NFS"
though my reading on this is that NFS is short for 'NFS server'.
Maybe what they mean is that the HSM'd shares are NFS-mounted somewhere
else and that *those* directories are then exported via Samba? But
I dunno if you can do that.

I'll be trying samba (and netatalk) on a HSM'd volume on Monday, so
I should be able to report back, if there's interest.

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