[Samba] WinNT offline file attribute

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at adcomdata.no
Thu Apr 25 04:30:18 GMT 2002

> The shared folders with offline files works the sam way (a 
> client know of 
> offline attribute set and don't try to open any offline file).
> The easiest solution will be to define an entire share (in 
> smb.conf) to be 
> offline - to export offline file attribute for all files. 
> This aproach 
> doesn't causes any overhead for calling ioctl or something 
> similar (ex. 
> check for an offline extended attribute).

I belive my platform would benefit from this.

Fooling explorer and other Win* API not to IO every file to
death might actualy give some preformance.

I would use this config on all my shares, as I just want speed
and confort rather than fancy icon.


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