[Samba] WinNT offline file attribute

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Wed Apr 24 20:06:01 GMT 2002

Shirish Kalele wrote:

 > As I understood it (and I could be wrong), indicating offline wasn't
 > a problem, the problem was finding out if a file was offline. I'm
 > sure Damir could code up a custom fix to make Samba do it (using
 > ioctl's or whatever) and distribute the fix as his patch. But I
 > don't see how there could be a generic fix. I remember there was
 > talk of such a thing.

The other part of the problem is identifying if the version of Windows
that the client is running will honor the offline bit.

It it does not, then such a client would cause the entire shelved file 
system to be swapped in and out.

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