/etc/fstab entry to allow users to mount samba shares

Urban Widmark urban at teststation.com
Wed Apr 24 04:24:02 GMT 2002

On Tue, 23 Apr 2002, Lars Heineken wrote:

> I'm sorry to tell, but I Had to drop the whole thing. When I mounted
> the volume as root, a single read-acces onto the mountes smb-share on
> the client-side locked his machine. The smb-server noticed nothing.
> The cd-rom is mounted via supermount. All windows-clients read the
> share without problems. -> Suggestions ? Reasons ?

Does it make any difference if you don't use supermount?
Kernel version?

That the client locks is a bug, but it's not necessarily possible to make
it work well with a server that replaces the contents like a cd being

> A try with nfs showed other problems. With nfs I couldn't mount
> /mnt/cdrom. This worked after explicit mounting of /dev/cdrom,
> supermount disabled. I think the kernel prevents sharing of
> supermounted directories.

Reading about it, I get this feeling that supermount isn't supported.
Manually mounting and exporting as nfs sounds better, but that may cause
problems for the windows clients if they don't support it + the manual 
mounting needed.

There is a hack called volumagic that you could play with. It is in "proof
of concept" state, so be happy if it works:

It's like supermount, except it uses some 2.4 kernel features to work
better. At least that's what the commercials say.

Using autofs on the server with samba may never umount the cd and then you
can't switch it. There is a --with-automount flag when compiling samba,
but I don't know what that does.


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