Printing issue: Win2k + 2.2.3a PDC + ldapsam + HP LaserJet 8000 driver

Samuel Ziegler sam at
Tue Apr 23 19:01:01 GMT 2002

This is a data point more than anything else, since I don't really have 
time to dig into it.  I appologize if this is a known issue, I searched 
and searched for info on it, but couldn't find anything.

My setup is this:
- Samba 2.2.3a PDC + ldapsam
- HP LaserJet 8000 spool via JetDirect from PDC
- Network printer driver install via [print$]
- Win2k client machines

Normal printing works fine, but attempts to change printing properties 
(ie, orientation, paper feed, etc) fail to work.  The printer 
configuration dialog also contains warnings to the effect of "you do not 
have permission to save system settings on this computer."

The issue does not exist using an NT PDC + spooler + network printer 

The workaround is to circumvent Samba and print directly to lpd:
- Install the driver on the client machine as a local printer on a LPT 
- After install, bring up the printer properties dialog and create a new 
  port pointing to the PDC's lpr port.

The workaround is acceptable for me, so I didn't dig any deeper.

Just a bit of info,
  - Sam

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