Non Domain user login

Brandon Moro bwood at
Tue Apr 23 14:21:15 GMT 2002

Hi Everyone,

I have Samba-2.2.2 running on Solaris 7.  I have a couple of users who have
small home networks and VPN into the corporate network.  It seems to be an
unacceptable inconvenience to my users to need to enter their name and
password in every time they access a share.  It seems that since their home
networks operate under different domains than out corporate network, they
are prompted for a login at each access point.  This also means that they
have to enter their login ID in the form:

login: /corporate-domain-name/user-id
Password: xxxxxxxx

Is there a way to have Samba allow specific non domain users or machines
(Win2k) to have a trusted status in accessing UNIX shares?  

Any advice would be much appreciated!


Brandon Moro
Systems Administration, Unify Corporation
bmoro at

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