/etc/fstab entry to allow users to mount samba shares

Lars Heineken Lars.Heineken at gmx.de
Tue Apr 23 12:40:02 GMT 2002

Hi !

This can be an easy one or a tough one..

I tried to make an entry in /etc/fstab to enable users to mount a specific samba-share (here: //Heineken/CD-ROM) 

//Heineken/CD-ROM /mnt/HeinekenCDROM smbfs user,auto,username="x",password"x"0 0

the only way to make this work is that the mount-destination is owned by the user who want's to mount. So "lars" for example can do the mount if /mnt/HeinekenCDROM is owned by "lars".
As I don't want a speparate mountpoint for each user, how can I solve this the "right" way. Just like a CD-ROM mount ?


Lars Heineken.

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