Using nmbd without smb for browsing

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Apr 18 10:03:02 GMT 2002

LIBAULT David wrote:
> Le Jeudi 18 Avril 2002 18:20, Christopher R.Hertel a écrit :
> > At a conference recently I noted that Windows 2000 would not browse
> > sync with Samba.  I imagine that this may be a related problem.  I am
> > hoping that someone out there can take a closer look at the browse
> >sync issues.
> Why should I care about syncing as the linux box is the LMB on each PPP
> connection?

Are the Windows boxes running in "P" mode?  If they are then you're correct.

> >From the log, we can see that the XP machine (rq : the same happens with
> Win98) gets the domain master brower address from the wins server, and
> use it to retrieve the browse list...

I can't see inside these packets (all I have is the tcpdump output) so I
can't see what is actually being transferred.

> In the browse.dat file, in the linux box I don't see the Win98 PC
> although it has annouced itself... Shouldn't any annouced client be
> present in this file? (note that the Win98 PC is OK in the wins.dat
> file, and that I can ping one machine from the other)

Make sure that the Win98 PC is in P mode.  If these machines are getting
their IP addresses via DHCP then you can add an option line indicating the
node type you require.

If the Win98 is in B or H mode, it will try to do the whole browser election
thing.  The Linux box should win, but I am not sure what other problems
might be caused.

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