R: Network path not found

PINTO ELIA PINTO.ELIA at insedia.interbusiness.it
Thu Apr 18 02:27:02 GMT 2002

The wins server is correct? Is it the same on client? which client (samba or
Windows)             ?
I think is a name risolution problem. From a win2000 or Nt client do:
ping <netbiosname> or net view \\<netbiosname. If it fail do
net view \\ <file://\\<> <Ip address>
If the wins server is correct (nmblookup -A <ipaddress win server> <netbios
name>) do on the linux box:
nmblookup -A __SAMBA__
If this fail nmb is not running. And so on....
Hope this help

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Da: Ramy Tatad [mailto:rat at cybees.com]
Inviato: giovedì 18 aprile 2002 10.55
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Samba ppl,
     I set-up a samba server and it errors this command when connecting:
"Network path not found"
Here is the settings of my samba server...
OS: Redhat v7.1
Samba: v2.07 or v2.22
The diff between this new server to my other servers is that this one cannot
change its partition table from linux to "linux extended". Is there any
problem with that.. since all the possible parameters on smb.conf was
already tried. I also check if the server can access internet and its also
Attach here is the sample samba configurations I used.
Please help me.. Thanks,

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