Samba 2.2.3a on Solaris 8

Mark.Vandeyar at Mark.Vandeyar at
Thu Apr 18 01:27:02 GMT 2002

I have installed the updated brlock.c which seems to cure the problem when
dealing with files being served up by the samba server; however the problem
still persists when printing ( even though we have 2.2.3 installed we are
still using the 2.0 print system, i.e., disable spoolss = yes).


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>Subject: Samba 2.2.3a on Solaris 8
>We have samba 2.2.3a installed on Solaris 8 (Sun 450 2xcpu 1GB 
>Ram) with
>about 250 users.  We are finding that smbd's are hanging 
>around consuming
>loads of cpu time. When performing a truss on the offending 
>pids, we see the
>fcntl(13, F_SETLKW64, 0xFFBEEADO)                                0
>fcntl(13, F_SETLKW64, 0xFFBEEADO)                                0
>This seems to be go on forever (see attached zip file), is 
>this a bug in
>2.2.3a or a Solaris bug and is there a work around?  
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