lsa_enum_trust_dom functionality

Tim Potter tpot at
Tue Apr 16 18:02:01 GMT 2002

On Tue, Apr 16, 2002 at 02:52:01PM +0200, Rafal Szczesniak wrote:

> proper args to continue or finish the enumeration. It may be annoying to
> write such code in each place we use client side of enumeration, so I
> propose to write a "higher level" function which could take care of doing
> it properly so that we don't have to worry about details of this
> process. Such function could be cli_lsa_enum_trust_domain or
> cli_enum_trust_dom_2 or whatever. Doesn't really matter.
> What do you think ?

All the rpc client routines send the request and receive the reply,
returning any useful data to the caller.  If any subsequent calls are
required it's up to the caller to do this.  

For example the spoolss commands require a buffer size for the return
data.  The routines in cmd_spoolss.c re-call the cli_spoolss_* routines
as needed to complete the call.


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