Adding IPv6 support to Samba

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon Apr 15 15:00:02 GMT 2002

Nathan Lutchansky wrote:
> Has anybody thought about or attempted to do this?  Although IPv4
> addressing is deeply embedded in NBT, SMB has no IPv4 dependencies at all,
> so it is straightforward to run direct-hosted SMB (port 445) over IPv6.

> Is this a feature anybody else would like to have?  Do the core developers
> have any feelings on this?  -Nathan

The main issue is that whatever you must do *must* compile and function
on all of Samba's supported platforms.  Take a look at how OpenSSH did
it - I think they have the same problem.

Other than that - it would be handy if Samba were already 'up to speed'
when MS finally jumps on board.

Andrew Bartlett

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