Adding IPv6 support to Samba

Nathan Lutchansky lutchann-sambatech at
Mon Apr 15 10:39:02 GMT 2002

Has anybody thought about or attempted to do this?  Although IPv4
addressing is deeply embedded in NBT, SMB has no IPv4 dependencies at all,
so it is straightforward to run direct-hosted SMB (port 445) over IPv6.

Taking a brief look at the Samba source, I see there are in_addr structs 
scattered all over the place, so adding IPv6 would involve changing the 
API a bit.  Example:

cli_connect(struct cli_state *cli, const char *host, struct in_addr *ip)

would change to:

cli_connect(struct cli_state *cli, const char *host, struct sockaddr *sa)

Other modifications would be similar.

I'd really like to have IPv6 support, since a lot of the machines I use
SMB with are behind NATs.  Although Win32 doesn't yet support SMB over
IPv6, using a trivial redirector program on such machines to accept
connections on 445 on the IPv6 side and connect them to
works just fine in the few experiments I've done.

Is this a feature anybody else would like to have?  Do the core developers 
have any feelings on this?  -Nathan

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