"Couldn't find free connection" error

Oren Held oren at deot.net
Sun Apr 14 14:30:02 GMT 2002


After some hours of samba running, I'm starting to get the above error
("Couldn't find free connection") in the logs - although I didn't limit
samba's connection- thus it should be unlimited.

What happens in the windows (w2k) client is sometimes a refuse to read a
directory in a share- but after some waiting and refreshing again it

I've searched the list for similar errors, and found one that returns an
"Out of connections" error at the beggining- in my case it doesn't

The server is running samba 2.2.3a on solaris8. I compiled samba with
32bit gcc- I've read that in order for samba to handle more file
descriptors I should compile it on 64bit, but I don't think this error
has to do with file descriptors limit - correct me if I'm wrong..
Also, I think it's a new bug- I didn't see this error showing up in
earlier versions.

If more information is needed please let me know and I'll supply it..

Thanks in advance!

- Oren

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