lsa_enum_trust_dom functionality

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sun Apr 14 05:47:02 GMT 2002

Rafal Szczesniak wrote:
> On Sun, 14 Apr 2002, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> > Rafal Szczesniak wrote:
> > >
> > > Here's the patch that adds server side of lsa_enum_trust_dom call to
> > > samba. Memory leak causing segfault to smbd in some cases is already
> > > fixed. Major changes include:
> >
> > That code (with some major changes)
> Yes, I've noticed. You put comments I was just going to put (though I have
> a bit more of them in my sources). What surprised me a little is the fact
> that you gave up the list of TRUSTDOM in favour of simple array. I know,
> the number of returned domain entries will be mostly "reasonable", but I
> see nothing wrong in using list, actually. secrets_get_trusted_domains is
> also a bit modified in its construction, but there's no fundamental
> change.

I used an array becouse thats the convention that all other RPC
functions use.  

> > is now in the tree.  In particular
> > this version works with NT4.
> That one I sent did not ? I've tried it and it was fine.

It had my NT4 box in a spin as it was always getting NT_STATUS_OK, which
caused it to want yet more entires until it got

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