Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at nl.linux.org
Sat Apr 13 08:03:02 GMT 2002


Here's my proposal for the file format for the pdb_xml database
backend. I haven't included the unknown* stuff yet, should that be

Comments, please!

    <user rid="5424232" domain="BLAH" uid="423">
        <username nt="JelmerVernooij" unix="jelmer"/>
        <group rid="42342" gid="1203"/>
        <password lanman="{encryted}" nt="{encrypted}"/>
        <pass_change last="01-02-2002" can="02-03-2002" must="03-04-2002"/>
        <times logon="04-05-2002" logoff="05-06-2002" kickoff="06-07-2002"/>
    <user rid="...>


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