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Jason Coene jason at
Thu Apr 11 10:18:01 GMT 2002

Hi Greg,

To join a domain from a 2K machine, you need to specify the username and password of a system account that has both:
 - an entry in smbpasswd with matching password
 - write access to the smbpasswd file

For most systems, the only account that fits this criteria is root. Also make sure you have a $MACHINE system account and entry in smbpasswd, per the documentation.

The last I knew, the domain admins=* code was broken when it comes to controlling who can actually join the domain.



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> Subject: Win2k joining
>Hello all,
>I'm sure this has probably been talked about in here before but I just
>joined the group so bare with me.
>I've read some things on getting my Win2k Pro computer joined to a Samba PDC
>but I'm still having problems.  I've got my Win9x and NT4 to work just fine.
>It keeps saying that the username or password is invalid.  I've tried root,
>which I knew wouldn't work, my own login which I've added to the domain
>admin group, the workstation account name (in this case ws003$ and ws003)
>that I added for that workstation and a few other names but all have failed.
>Maybe I'm missing something here.  First of all, which account name should
>be used when joining the Samba PDC?  With NT4 you don't have to specify a
>name but with Win2k your force to enter something.  I would assume a domain
>admin account should be used here....unless my account is failing at that as
>well.  Nothing I've read so far indicates this information.  Second off, are
>there any smb.conf options that should/should not be set for this to work
>properly??  If you hadn't guessed yet I _am_ slightly new to the Samba thing
>but not a virgin.  I'm heavy into M$ but rapidly converting to Linux.  Any
>help would be greatly appreciated.

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