Win2k joining

Greg Benjamin - HSDX GBenjamin at
Thu Apr 11 08:15:02 GMT 2002

Hello all,

I'm sure this has probably been talked about in here before but I just
joined the group so bare with me.

I've read some things on getting my Win2k Pro computer joined to a Samba PDC
but I'm still having problems.  I've got my Win9x and NT4 to work just fine.
It keeps saying that the username or password is invalid.  I've tried root,
which I knew wouldn't work, my own login which I've added to the domain
admin group, the workstation account name (in this case ws003$ and ws003)
that I added for that workstation and a few other names but all have failed.
Maybe I'm missing something here.  First of all, which account name should
be used when joining the Samba PDC?  With NT4 you don't have to specify a
name but with Win2k your force to enter something.  I would assume a domain
admin account should be used here....unless my account is failing at that as
well.  Nothing I've read so far indicates this information.  Second off, are
there any smb.conf options that should/should not be set for this to work
properly??  If you hadn't guessed yet I _am_ slightly new to the Samba thing
but not a virgin.  I'm heavy into M$ but rapidly converting to Linux.  Any
help would be greatly appreciated.


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