HP8500 bug workaround causes other problems...

Kevin Stefanik kstef at mtppi.org
Wed Apr 10 06:01:01 GMT 2002

In January, Jeremy Allison patched the rpc_server/srv_pipe_hnd.c as shown 
below.  This causes us problems, because WordPerfect (WPO2002, SP1 on NT4, 
SP6, cvs SAMBA_2_2 as of 4/8/2002) bombards printers with a series of 
open/close requests when it first opens up.  The limit of 20 spoolss pipes 
means it gets NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED messages before it gets done probing 
(?) the second printer... 

Moving this limit up to 1024 fixed that problem for us.  I don't know what 
the HP8500 problem is, so I can't recommend any real solution, just thought 
you'd like to know.

I have packet dumps if they'd help.

Kevin Stefanik


 * Sometimes I can't decide if I hate Windows printer driver
 * writers more than I hate the Windows spooler service driver
 * writers. This gets around a combination of bugs in the spooler
 * and the HP 8500 PCL driver that causes a spooler spin. JRA.


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