Shirish Kalele kalele at
Tue Apr 9 11:00:03 GMT 2002

>> I also found that Windows 2000 returns a weird ntcreate_and_X reply: 42
>> parameter words PLUS 18 bytes that are not accounted for in the word or
>> bytes counts. It seems to me that 8 of these extra 18 bytes contain two
>> access masks (seem to be User and Guest/Everyone-else). I'm guessing these
>> are something to do with "Simple File Sharing". The access masks here
>> determine how the file is accessed on the client offline (i.e. what
>> permissions the user has and what permissions anyone else who accesses the
>> file on the same client offline has). Win2K/XP tcon_and_X replies also have
>> these two access masks in the parameter words (the reason why they return 7
>> words instead of 3).
>We need to analyse this rather than doing it for 2.2.4
Yes, of course. This was just fyi.

Doing some more tests, it appears that the two access
masks returned are the effective permissions for the user himself, and
those for "Everyone". Masks appear to be derived with ace_allowed_mask &

>> Finally, I think it would be a good idea to get the client-side-caching
>> policy patch into 2.2.4. Do you want to take a look at it or should I just
>> go ahead and check it in?
>I want to look at it - it definately looks good though. Can you give
>me a day or so before checking it in ?


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