password server = * is broken

Gerald Carter jerry at
Tue Apr 9 05:47:01 GMT 2002

On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, Andrew Esh wrote:

> What happened to "CENTRAL+AndrewE"? Why does this code near line 919 fail? :
>     if (sys_getpwnam(dom_user) != NULL) {
>       pstrcpy(user, dom_user);
>       DEBUG(3,("Using unix username %s\n", dom_user));
>     }
> If this a code ordering problem? Is it trying to look up the user before
> it has a domain controller located?
> I'll keep digging, but if this one looks familiar, save me the time,
> please.

What branch?  Did you update the library when you 
compiiled the new winbindd?  This can cause no end of problems (voice
of experience here).  Can wbinfo match the name?  What about getent passwd 

I'm using a fairly recent (maybe a week old) snapshot of SAMBA_2_2 as a
domain member (with password server = *) and I've not noticed any 

cheers, jerry
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