CIFS extensions for UNIX

John Newbigin jn at
Sat Apr 6 20:43:02 GMT 2002

I have done a bit more work on CIFS extensions for UNIX in smbfs.  I
have had some success and found some problems.

I have updated my patches to work against linux 2.4.18.  I have had some
problems with my patches failing fsx-linux.  For now I have reverted to
using smb_proc_trunc (which is a SMBwrite call).  This works but leads
me to beleive that there may be a problem with truncates using

I have a patch for SAMBA_2_2 which implements SMB_SIZE_NO_CHANGE and
SMB_TIME_NO_CHANGE.  I have only tested it under Linux i386 but the 
patch should be fine on other platforms.

The samba patch is here

The kernel patch for linux 2.4.18 is here


Information Technology Innovation Group
Swinburne University. Melbourne, Australia

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