How to interpret the TRANS2_QUERY_PATH_INFORMATION response d atafield?

DOELKER,RAINER (HP-Germany,ex2) rainer_doelker at
Thu Apr 4 22:28:02 GMT 2002

Thanks Urban,

perhaps I should have been more precisely what the original problem is. Hmm,
and you're right it is smfs. 
I've posted it to some newsgroups, therefore I did not want to spam this
technical list with all the details:

I've seen the TRANS2_QUERY_PATH_INFORMATION in the networktraces I've
compared. both done on creation of a file one with rpc.nfsd communicating
with smbmount and the other using the smbmount directly. The only difference
I've seen was in that datafiled. So I thought I ask about it.

Meanwhile I've noticed that I would need to debug the stuff happening
between rpc.nfsd and smbmount (respectively smbfs). And unfortunately I've
no idea how to do it?

Ideas are welcome, but perhaps this technical mailing list is not the
correct place -- I know.

Thanks, best regards, Rainer

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Subject: Re: How to interpret the TRANS2_QUERY_PATH_INFORMATION response
dataf ield?

Your problem isn't with smbmount, it is with smbfs. smbmount doesn't send
any TRANS2_QUERY_PATH_INFORMATION requests. Care to share what problem
you are having?


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