ADS integration net ads join fails, possibly wrong OU

Patrick Paul patpaul at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 4 09:06:02 GMT 2002

I've got the latest cvs code for samba_head.

I compile it, and set all the config's correctly in smb.conf.  I've got 
--with-krb5-base all set, --with-pam,ldapsam,syslog,acl-support and 
debug all on.

My krb5.conf file is fine, and doing a kinit user at EX.DOMAIN.EDU works 
find, and klist lists my ADS.

Upon doing a net ads join, I get this error

net: getvalues.c:93: ldap_get_values_len: Assertion `entry != 
((void*)0)' failed.

ADS is the only way to get samba to join the domain, as NT4-legacy 
machines aren't allowed, due to our all-kerberos network.

The interesting part is when I run net ads join asdf, I get 
ads_join_realm: organization unit asdf does not exist 

Now, the network is setup so that I can only join the 
ou=biomicro,ou=Machines,dc=win,dc=mit,dc=edu dn.  I'm able to specify an 
ou on the command line, but not a 'sub-ou'.  I've tried every syntax 
imaginable, but then I get Invalid DN syntax errors all time.  Is it 
possible to specify a 'sub-out'(ou=,ou=) on the command line?  Could 
that be why I'm failing?  And what exactly does `entry !=.....' mean?

Thanks in advance.

Patrick Paul
Systems Administrator
Biology Dept., MIT
patpaul at

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