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At 09:43 04.04.2002 +0200, DAEWOO Jiri Hampl wrote:
>I woul like to ask you for help in the following:
>- Running SAMBA daemons (smbd -D and nmbd  -D) from the command line works
>- Running the same daemons, the same commands from ANY script starts both
>SAMBA daemons, but the result is different and I can only see the SAMBA
>server on Windows computers. I cannot access the shared directory (invalid
>I use SAMBA v 2.0.8, Linux Red Hat 7.1. After SAMBA was compiled and
>installed, there were two samba.conf files. So I copied one to antoher and
>they are identical now.
>I tried to ad -s parameters and so on, nothing worked.
>Thanks for your help.

Make sure that you don't have two differend smbd,nmbd and 
smbpasswd(password file AND binary).
If you self compiled samba there are maybe the old redhat files

search all smbd's ...

find / -name smbd
find / -name nmbd

Try to use the full path in your script

/usr/sbin/smbd -D   or where your binaries are.

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