Samba daemons in script

DAEWOO Jiri Hampl jiri.hampl at
Wed Apr 3 23:45:03 GMT 2002


I woul like to ask you for help in the following:

- Running SAMBA daemons (smbd -D and nmbd  -D) from the command line works
- Running the same daemons, the same commands from ANY script starts both
SAMBA daemons, but the result is different and I can only see the SAMBA
server on Windows computers. I cannot access the shared directory (invalid

I use SAMBA v 2.0.8, Linux Red Hat 7.1. After SAMBA was compiled and
installed, there were two samba.conf files. So I copied one to antoher and
they are identical now.
I tried to ad -s parameters and so on, nothing worked.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards

Jiri Hampl
jiri.hampl at
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