Inheriting POSIX ACLs

Nicholas Brealey nick at
Wed Apr 3 10:25:03 GMT 2002


Thanks for this improvement - for me it will mean
that I will be able to get the full benefit from

This is a really important change for me.
What I don't understand why anyone would want
inherit acls = no ?

If you set a default acl on a directory, you want it
to be obeyed, otherwise you would not set it. 

I think inherit acls should be on by default - it
means that acls work as expected.

Previously I thought inherit permissions would
imply inherit acls and was a little disapointed
that the acls I set on directories on Solaris
did not work as expected when accessed via Samba.



Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Hi all,
>         I finally added the code to make POSIX
> ACLs inheritable, overriding Samba's normal way
> of setting permissions. It can be turned on on
> a per-share basis with the "inherit acls = yes"
> option (off by default). It's in the SAMBA_2_2
> and HEAD branches so if people would like to
> test it and comment I'd appreciate it.
> Thanks,
>         Jeremy.

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