SNIA CIFS Technical Reference version 1.0 is approved!

Steven French sfrench at
Wed Apr 3 06:58:16 GMT 2002

The SNIA CIFS Technical Reference is now approved.   Thanks to all those
who have helped
directly or indirectly - answering questions about obscure PDUs and sanity
checking some very tricky
file and directory documentation.   This is a major milestone and is the
first 3rd party documentation of
the SMB/CIFS protocol since the X/Open SMB Specification of 1992.   For
history buffs the documentation
for the first version of the protocol was done about 15 years ago in the
proceedings of an early IBM
Personal Computer Conference.   We have come a long way.

After minor formatting cleanup the version 1.0 of the document will be
posted.   I will let you know when I find out where.
Now we can work on expanding the list of errata that has been compiled over
the past few months.

The Samba team's expertise and assistance is appreciated.

Steve French
Senior Software Engineer
Linux Technology Center - IBM Austin
phone: 512-838-2294
email: sfrench at

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