Win2k and XP can't add to a HEAD PDC Domain

abartlet at abartlet at
Tue Apr 2 22:43:10 GMT 2002

On Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 08:32:03AM +0200, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
> I have set up yesterdays HEAD as PDC and want to add my win2k and XP 
> Machines to the Domain.
> I got the following error on 2k AND XP (and NT could be the same??)

> In english(something like this):
> While trying to join domain "VMWARE", the following error occoured:
> There is no User-Session-Key for the Logon-Session available.

The problem is that Win2k thinks that we must be a win2k server - and tries
various win2k-specific things against us.  The thing that triggers this
is our use of 'SPNEGO' (used to support AD membership, it allows kerberos

Set 'use spnego = false' in your smb.conf

> When I use 2.2.3a it work's on 2k AND XP fine.
> After joining the Domain I killed the 2.2.3a smbd and start the HEAD smbd 
> and now People can login to the HEAD Domain with win2k.

Thats an innovateive way around it.

> On WinXP I got every time an error: Wrong password...(if it's wrong or NOT)
> But in the logs I only get on error if the password is really wrong.
> If I use 2.2.3a this is no problem.
> (I HAVE applied the signorseal patch)

Sounds like they cleaned up their error messages a bit.  In Win2k it seems
to alternate between two different messages...

Andrew Bartlett

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