Winbindd in HEAD: cannot deal with 15,000 users+

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Tue Apr 2 15:24:04 GMT 2002

It means: edit /etc/smb.conf, and add a line like this:

   panic action = /bin/sleep 9000

If you edit the source code like you describe, it might work, but changing
it in smb.conf is more certain to work, and is less likely to cause the code
to break.

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It figures, I was running it in a debugger and sent that output to 
samba at with my bug report. Since then my /home filesystem was 
corrupted (so I cant find my sent-messages). However, I will try again.

-But, can you explain what you mean by "set panic action=...". Do you mean 
run a shell command named "set" or do you mean go into the code and set it.
found the following code in source/param/loadparm.c:

{"panic action", P_STRING, P_GLOBAL, &Globals.szPanicAction, NULL, NULL, 0},

would I then set this line to:

{"panic action", P_STRING, P_GLOBAL, &Globals.szPanicAction, "/bin/sleep 
9000", NULL, 0}

and recompile? Or I could edit source/lib/util.c in the smb_panic function.

-Related question: When I use the debugger (which I rarely do) Iuse ddd. It 
seems to be similar to gdb or whatever (excpet it has a gui). What does the 
winbindd -i option do?

-For the panic option that brings up gdb, from Andrew Esh:

gnome-terminal --command 'gdb /proc/%d/exe %d'"

What do I use for the %d %d parts?

-BTW the code I am running is from CVS head using the -r ...samba17 version.

Mike Papper

On Monday 01 April 2002 09:33 pm, abartlet at wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 03:49:05PM -0800, Mike Papper wrote:
> > I have run the latest winbindd from the samba-3.0-alpha17 branch. I ran
> > it for the past 4 days and all went well. However, in the following
> > situation, it breaks down... If I have 15,000 users, its OK UNTIL I add
> > or delete a user from the set of 15,000 users on the PDC. It seems like
> > any update to the PDC causes winbbind to fetch all the info from the PDC
> > (and not just the updates). This seems to make winbind crash. When I
> > bring winbind back up, it runs OK until I once again add or remove a
> > from the PDC.
> The RPC protocols are not spectacular in this area - so often we need to
> refetch the lot :-(
> > I am using NT 4 service pack 5 as the PDC. Any thoughts on why this
> > be happening? Or thoughts on what this debug output is saying?
> >
> > Also, I did send a bug report to samba at as suggested in the
> > release docs). Will this bug report get into the right hands?
> Could you set 'panic action = /bin/sleep 9000' and attach a debugger to
> dead winbindd?  Or start it as winbindd -i inside gdb?
> Grab a 'bt full' and post that to the list and we will have a much better
> chance of finding the bug.  Recompiling --enable-debug will put some more
> info in the backtrace.
> Also check out the very latest HEAD CVS (assuming you are running from a
> alpha tarball) and double-check.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Bartlett

Mike Papper
mike at
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