Winbindd in HEAD: cannot deal with 15,000 users+

Mike Papper mike at
Tue Apr 2 10:46:02 GMT 2002

It figures, I was running it in a debugger and sent that output to 
samba at with my bug report. Since then my /home filesystem was 
corrupted (so I cant find my sent-messages). However, I will try again.

-But, can you explain what you mean by "set panic action=...". Do you mean 
run a shell command named "set" or do you mean go into the code and set it. I 
found the following code in source/param/loadparm.c:

{"panic action", P_STRING, P_GLOBAL, &Globals.szPanicAction, NULL, NULL, 0},

would I then set this line to:

{"panic action", P_STRING, P_GLOBAL, &Globals.szPanicAction, "/bin/sleep 
9000", NULL, 0}

and recompile? Or I could edit source/lib/util.c in the smb_panic function.

-Related question: When I use the debugger (which I rarely do) Iuse ddd. It 
seems to be similar to gdb or whatever (excpet it has a gui). What does the 
winbindd -i option do?

-For the panic option that brings up gdb, from Andrew Esh:

gnome-terminal --command 'gdb /proc/%d/exe %d'"

What do I use for the %d %d parts?

-BTW the code I am running is from CVS head using the -r ...samba17 version.

Mike Papper

On Monday 01 April 2002 09:33 pm, abartlet at wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 03:49:05PM -0800, Mike Papper wrote:
> > I have run the latest winbindd from the samba-3.0-alpha17 branch. I ran
> > it for the past 4 days and all went well. However, in the following
> > situation, it breaks down... If I have 15,000 users, its OK UNTIL I add
> > or delete a user from the set of 15,000 users on the PDC. It seems like
> > any update to the PDC causes winbbind to fetch all the info from the PDC
> > (and not just the updates). This seems to make winbind crash. When I
> > bring winbind back up, it runs OK until I once again add or remove a user
> > from the PDC.
> The RPC protocols are not spectacular in this area - so often we need to
> refetch the lot :-(
> > I am using NT 4 service pack 5 as the PDC. Any thoughts on why this could
> > be happening? Or thoughts on what this debug output is saying?
> >
> > Also, I did send a bug report to samba at as suggested in the
> > release docs). Will this bug report get into the right hands?
> Could you set 'panic action = /bin/sleep 9000' and attach a debugger to the
> dead winbindd?  Or start it as winbindd -i inside gdb?
> Grab a 'bt full' and post that to the list and we will have a much better
> chance of finding the bug.  Recompiling --enable-debug will put some more
> info in the backtrace.
> Also check out the very latest HEAD CVS (assuming you are running from a
> alpha tarball) and double-check.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Bartlett

Mike Papper
mike at

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