TESTING : preparing for 2.2.2 release

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sun Sep 30 08:35:02 GMT 2001


I've merged in the few updates to the Mandrake packaging
that I found in samba-patches.  Have also disabled building
pdbedit uless --with-XXXsam was specified. And added

Still waiting on Winbind HOWTO from John Trostel.


Just finished testing joining a Samba domain from
WinNT 4.0 SP6a and Win2k SP2 under the following

* (both --without-pam and --with-pam)
* PAM configuration used the default samba.pamd
  file from packaging/RedHat directory.
* all pam tests run under RedHat 6.2 with Insure

  * smbpasswd -a -m (nt4 only)
  * join on the fly when
    - no /etc/passwd or smbpasswd entry
    - preexisting /etc/passwd and smbpasswd entry
    - existing smbpasswd entry but no /etc/passwd entry

Profiles seem to work ok (NT & 2k)

Tridge has loaded up SAMBA_2_2 on his server at
home for Sue to use (Win98 client using ms office
and Eudora)

cheers, jerry

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