lp_guest_only() ????

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Sat Sep 29 18:16:02 GMT 2001

"Gerald (Jerry) Carter" wrote:
> Hmmmm.....
> $ pwd
> /opt/src/samba-cvs/samba-2.2/samba/source
> $ grep lp_guest_only */*.c
> param/loadparm.c:FN_LOCAL_BOOL(lp_guest_only, bGuest_only)
> Anyone got a comment on this one?  Does someone remember
> removing this? Obviously I'm missing something here because it is
> the same in 2.0.10.
> Can't seem to see where we enfore this.  It's not where I
> would think it would be.


[abartlet at piglett source]$ grep lp_guest_only */*.c */*.h
param/loadparm.c:FN_LOCAL_BOOL(lp_guest_only, bGuest_only)
include/proto.h:BOOL lp_guest_only(int );
include/smb_macros.h:#define GUEST_ONLY(snum)   (VALID_SNUM(snum) &&

[abartlet at piglett source]$ grep GUEST_ONLY */*.c */*.h
smbd/password.c:	if (GUEST_ONLY(snum))
smbd/password.c:	if (!GUEST_ONLY(snum) && (lp_security() > SEC_SHARE)) {
smbd/password.c:	if (!(GUEST_ONLY(snum) && GUEST_OK(snum))) {
include/smb_macros.h:#define GUEST_ONLY(snum)   (VALID_SNUM(snum) &&

Its been hiding...

Andrew Bartlett

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