NTLMv2 sign / seal constants

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba-tng.org
Fri Sep 28 13:09:03 GMT 2001

well, i am embarrased to realise that, even having
the document staring at me with the HMAC-MD5 constants
necessary to produce NTLMv2 NTLMSSP signing and sealing,
it took me two years to realise that they were in fact constants.

the reason for not realising this is because these
constants are in fact sentences.

it was only when i saw the mschapv2 rfcs that also
have constants such as "Magic server to client constant"
to produce hashes...


do a search for strings in msv1_0.dll to find out
what the NTLMv2 NTLMSSP constants are... :) :)


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