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Fri Sep 28 08:39:02 GMT 2001

Tim Potter wrote:
>I think there is a problem with the Makefile and the libintl
>stuff.  I must do a full 'make' to build libintl.a.  If I just do
>a ./configure and make bin/smbd for example, libintl.a doesn't
>get built.

You are right. Sorry I've already known this problem and would fix
this later.

>So the solution is to put the I18N-SUPPORT-ALL target somewhere
>where it is reachable by all individual programs.  The problem is
>that there doesn't seem to be a good place to do this.  )-:

Unfortunately I have to say you are right again.

Since "(cd intl; make)" once removes libintl.a and re-link,
adding I18N-SUPPORT-ALL for individual target, whenever you make
individual targer, libintl.a is re-linked :-(

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
>Right now I'm inclined to redo the build of the intl stuff to get rid
>of the makefiles in subdirectories - instead using the same structure
>we use for everything else in Samba. I haven't tried to do this yet
>though, so I'm not sure how practical it is.

technically, it is practical.
One problem is that it becomes difficult to do version up the
gettext() library.

Currently the integrated version is gettext-0.10.35, the latest
version is now 0.10.40. Why I used the 0.10.35 intially is that it is
used in Samba Japanese Edition and known to work well, but at last I
want to version up it.

>One nice thing would be to put the intl specific stuff in
>source/tests/ where we stick the other complex tests. Again, I haven't
>tried doing this yet so it may be impractical for some reason.
>Monyo, do you think that is practical?

Partly yes, it is a kind of "making new branch in CVS and developing
seperately". So according to your opnion I heard before, essentially
it is not good.

I think that if we do this, we need to fix in short term.

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