Default encrypted passwords = yes?

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Fri Sep 28 04:57:12 GMT 2001

   I mildly recommend users starting with non-encrypted 
passwords, but with a plan in mind for migrating to
encrypted ones, especially if they plan to live in
a world with NT fileserver or clients.
  Jay may recognize this approach from my comments about
updating Using Samba (;-))

  I'm tempted to suggest a different change in the
defaults: to "update encrypted = yes", and to install
an empty smbpasswd file as part of the normal
installation process.  This would allow the new
Samba user to start with smbclient and/or with
guest=ok, get her server working, get a few
clients working, and only then start the
process of switching over to encrypted passwords
if she planned to use NT domains.

  This begs for a HOW-TO...

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