Default encrypted passwords = yes?

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Sep 27 05:50:02 GMT 2001

On Thu, 27 Sep 2001, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> Is there any reason not to make encrypted passwords the default in HEAD?
> It would seem that there is very little that samba can do without
> encrypted passwords, inculuding anything that even mentions an NT
> domain.
> I notice this becouse I have to test in with both settings, and I'm
> always forgetting to turn it back on.  I can imagine the annoyance
> this must be to a new admin...

I would vote against it.  Will add one more step to getting a
simple working file server up for testing purposes.

I do agree that enabling encrypted paasswords is the recommended,
and sometimes required, configuration, but I would not make it the

cheers, jerry
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