Take Ownership and local samba users

jtrostel at snapserver.com jtrostel at snapserver.com
Wed Sep 26 14:33:33 GMT 2001

I am (still) trying to get the take-ownership 'feature' of Windows to work with
my SAMBA server.  I can get this feature to work with users who are validated
via winbind as DOMAIN users but it fails with local users. These users can
connect to the SAMBA server and get their 'normal' uid/gid from a sub-winbind

_lsa_unk_get_connuser returns the correct user name and the domain name of the
workgroup that the connecting computer is using.  This is NOT a domain that is
served by winbind.  I want the validation for take_ownership to drop back and
look at local users at this point, as there IS a locally defined user (on the
SAMBA box) that this process belongs to.  (And yes, this user does have the
requisite permission to change ownership of the file if allowed).

any clues where I should work on the code now?

John M. Trostel
Senior Software Engineer
Quantum / SnapAppliances
jtrostel at snapserver.com

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