kerberized smbmount?

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Wed Sep 26 06:25:15 GMT 2001

It's doable. I made a start adding NTLMSSP-ExtendedSecurity into smbd and
libsmbclient, but the authentication rewrite was going on, and the codebase
just changed too quickly, plus other commitments meant I had a hard time
keeping up. I didn't look at smbmount, but in *theory* as long as the
SessSetup&X happens in the user-space code, it would be quite easy.

The kernel module would have to upcall out to the userspace code for
rekeying (although there are some interesting code-sharing possibilities
with the CITI NFSv4 work...). I suspect an architecture similar to CIPEs
would be best - convert the socket into "something else" by altering the
kernel vfs ops for it, only passing certain pseudo-packets back to SMBmount.
You could even implement signing and sealing in userspace that way.

Once extended-security negotiation works reliably with NTLMSSPv1/2, adding
in a Kerberos version would be relatively trivial. However, library license
issues (I prefer MIT kerberos over Heimdal) might be a problem. If someone
would like to assist me in trying this again, I'll have time in a couple of
weeks after the start of term has settled down to a simmer :o) I got stuck
getting NTLMSSP working, as I started to see NTLMSSP packets the like of
which have never been seen!


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is there any chance of kerberized smbmount-client in the near future.
Or is NTLM-Authentification the only way to mount a share?
it would be very neat to login via or kinit and mount the
via script.


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