redesign of passworddb

koen muylkens koen.muylkens at
Wed Sep 26 05:20:02 GMT 2001

I'm intrested in a fallbacksystem for password databases (e.g.: search in 
samba-passworddatabase if user is not found in the ldap-passworddatabase).
A line in the smb.conf should define the sequence of the 
passworddatabases(e.g: passworddatabase = ldap, samba (=first search ldap 
then search sambapasswdfile))

Is there already work done in this area?
Is this already possible in the current version of 'passdb' which is 
backported from HEAD?
Does this redesign of passdb make it possible to change the passworddatabase?

Who should I contact if this feature would not be implemented in the near 
future and I  would like to develop this myself ?

koen muylkens
koen.muylkens at

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