large quantity of fsa*.tmp files

Torbjorn Jansson at
Tue Sep 25 10:04:02 GMT 2001

i got similar problems when i by mistake changed permisions so users coudnt
delete files

i think msoffice programs saves some temprary files when it tries to save
for example word documents. if it cant delete the fsa file(s) it wond allow
you to save the word document

check if you can create files and delete them

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> Here's a little more info on the problem.  It seems to be related to a
> deployment of Command Antivirus 4.62 for Win2K.  I don't think that this
> is just a coincidence because the problems began last night after the
> antivirus software installation, and the problems affected different
> clients and differents samba servers.  Different applications are
> generating tmp filenames with different file prefixes.  We were able to
> work around the problem by adding "oplocks = no" to the smb.conf of both
> servers.  It appears that a file is created, closed, and createX then
> fails with a file exists message.

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