SWAT i18n - in CVS - compilation problems

Deniz Akkus Kanca deniz at arayan.com
Sat Sep 22 08:46:02 GMT 2001


I encountered the following problems in samba checked out from

1. source/configure is not updated and does not understand po directory.
Configure --help does not give out the --with-i18n-swat option. When
configured with no options, we get an error in the po directory as
Makefile is not generated.

Diff between this and previous Japanese version of configure shows a number
of differences.

2. When configured with old configure file from Japanese version, I get the
following compilation error. I just copied configure over and configured
with --with-i18n-swat, I don't know whether this breaks something else.
System is RH7.1 with standard install and upgrades.

Compiling libsmb/cli_spoolss.c
In file included from include/ntdomain.h:278,
from include/rpc_misc.h:24,
from include/smb.h:1531,
from include/util_list.h:28,
from include/includes.h:642,
from libsmb/cli_spoolss.c:27:
include/rpc_lsa.h:526: Internal error: Segmentation fault.
Please submit a full bug report.
See <URL:http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/> for instructions.
make: *** [libsmb/cli_spoolss.o] Error 1

Please advise if I am doing something wrong here. The CVS out of
cvs.samba.gr.jp does not compile...

Best regards,

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> Rafal Szczesniak wrote:
> >> I modified swat.c to support this feature.
> >> In this version, the short description is displayed if the message is
> >> included in the po file.
> >
> >All right. If we're going to support it in this way, then I'll fill
> >the gap.
> Now I've updated po files.
> Please use a new po file available from
>   http://cvs.samba.gr.jp/samba-head/source/po/
> Some parameters are added.
> >All I didn't want to do is direct translation of parameter
> >name. The label is better way to do it.
> I think so.
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